东西 is on of my  favorite Chinese double character. With a little change of pronunciation  the meaning change from ‘East-West’ to ‘things’.  Is a typical example about to logic in Chinese language.



Sextant – Geoinformation with Solaris

Solaris (and his siblings like OpenSolaris and OpenIndiana) is a feature rich and reliable enterprise OS. The features including

  • Role based access management
  • ZFS – an advanced file system tightly connected with volumen and boot management
  • Timeslider – backup management
  • Zones – a lightweight container virtualization

I’m using it at server, workstation as well as on my laptop.

The task is to provide an open-source geoinfrastructure, including spatial database and middleware.





This is the blog of Andreas Luka. A landscape designer working in Beijing, the capital of China. You will find soon a part of my design portfolio here, and I like to share my knowledge and experience in the world of GIS and CAD, organizing workflow between GIS, CAD and visualization software.

Sextant is the part  especially with Geoinfrastructure on Solaris-like systems.

Beside my professional life  I like to share my experience as 老外 (laowai – foreigner) and tango dancer in Beijing.