openindiana ntfs support

For openindiana is the ntfs-3g package in the SFE (spec file extra) package repository available. Just add the publish by running

pkg set-publisher -p http:

and install the ntfs-3g package by running:

pkg install ntfs-3g
ln -s /devices/pseudo/fuse@0:fuse /dev/fuse

The last command adds a missing link. Now it’s time to find the disk name  and partition number for mounting the ntfs file system by running


that shows as something like

0. c3t0d0 <ATA-ST9320423AS-HPM1 cyl 17262 alt 2 hd 255 sec 63>
Specify disk (enter its number):

where c3 indicating the controller, t0 is the target-id, determined by the SCSI target-id number set on the device.
After the target number each disk has got a LUN-id number, in the example d0. This number is determined by the SCSI LUN-id.
After specifying the disk number (in my case 0) we can issue:


the find the partition number and it shows something like

Partition   Status    Type          Start   End   Length    %
=========   ======    ============  =====   ===   ======   ===
1                 IFS: NTFS         0    12      13      0
2                 IFS: NTFS        12  21648    21637     56
3       Active    Solaris2       21649  38913    17265     44

the second partition will be mounted by

ntfs-3g /dev/dsk/c3t0d0p0 /home/*my user name*/Desktop/windows

You only cam mount to an existing folder, in this case on my Desktop.

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