Nanjing Digital Landscape Conference


Abstract of my article published for China 2nd. Digital Landscape Conference in Nanjing Southeast University Press

Building Information Model (BIM) is one of the most important recent developments in the building industry.BIM-adoption in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) field is growing fast, driven by request from public and private authorities as well as growing experience and benefits for design practices and contractors.

In the domain of landscape design,the general perception is that landscape design and BIM is a miss-match and it provides fewer benefits and value than for architects and engineers.

The drive of BIM in AEC and use of BIM- tools as the central coordination and collaboration tools will create a demand for the landscape design practices to use the BIM-tools too.

Based on the definition and benefits of BIM in general, thispaper looks intothe specific needs for BIM-Adaption in the landscapedesign field, describing a  Landscape Information Model (LIM).  It also outlinedthe necessary improvements of thetools that are already available based on this specific needs, integration of landscape elements in the general BIM, and developing better interoperability with other disciplines.