Local repository for OpenIndiana, Solaris 11 Express and Solaris 11

I’m recently updated my old OpenSolaris to Solaris 11. It needed a multiple step update, for the step from the final version of OpenSolaris (b134) to Solaris 11 Express I decided to use a local repository as I still have the images.

A step by step instruction for

Setting up a local repository and

Upgrade from OpenSolaris to Solaris 11

you can find in the tutorial section



Sextant – Geoinformation with Solaris

Solaris (and his siblings like OpenSolaris and OpenIndiana) is a feature rich and reliable enterprise OS. The features including

  • Role based access management
  • ZFS – an advanced file system tightly connected with volumen and boot management
  • Timeslider – backup management
  • Zones – a lightweight container virtualization

I’m using it at server, workstation as well as on my laptop.

The task is to provide an open-source geoinfrastructure, including spatial database and middleware.